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Crafting Wor(l)ds That Will Move You

The Second Sun cover
Volume 3 cover_edited.jpg

"My whole mission as a writer is to help people understand one another."

-John Steinbeck


My Journey

I’m a disabled veteran, author, and an award-winning journalist/photographer from Texas living with Tourette’s in South Carolina.

Excerpt from The Second Sun Vol. I and II

Published February 18, 2023

"She considered the crime of their absence in a time of war and the sentence that must be carried out should the people see to her prosecution. We contend justice is among our senses, but its chance conception in nature exposes our conceit when we sunder our marriage to reason for the profits of incurious vengeance. And with other failings abundant, we proceeded still on the absurd quest to actualize our dream of the shining city but dependably neglected to audit our compassion as we gave form to our law and our principles in embryo. The (primordial) self-interest of a few generates an eager clergy that preaches the glory of security through surplus that, without restraint, has prevailed over the common good, begging an indictment be issued against monopoly a fractured public will never trouble themselves to serve. And because no one person is our avatar of suffering, the initial victim of this fraud of fellowship is but an effigy of our collective integrity, its flames mourning the irony of confounding revelry for its ruin. Additionally, modernity and its principles of benign peace readily dissolve when humiliated sadists emerge from their hovels echoing toxic covenants, ever armed with the weapons of their ancestors, and conditioned for bitterness by shadows of truth prescribed through faithless benefactors. In league, the vanity of authoritarian violence is a consequence of spite conspiring to conquer civility through spectacle and aggravate the rot of virtue to seize our mortal, imperfect philosophies for war and weigh the surviving wealth of our affections on scales constructed by the same hands that once assembled the gallows. And as all cultures possess a pedigree of fatal conflict, the memory and prosperity born of treachery can never be wholly cured or accounted for. But the Spirit of us is contrarian and we are seduced by the gamble of defeat, for justice and redemption are folly, but to seek them is not.”

Excerpt from The Second Sun Vol. III


“You’ve ripened your oath once sung on this deck…,” Valara scrubbed Vodstock’s head a moment, and he realized then it was the first time she had erased the physical world between them.


He thought her hands confident, and the spirit of her touch an encore of that often-wearied virtue as she continued, “…while witnessed by your kin here in valor and peril. You plucked heaven’s scheme for thy rendering from their wishful easel; surrendered, though, a woeful peace proved incomplete, so thine own will be shined and encumbered by duty to others. For this, I bless your marriage to Odin’s fatal justice. Heralds of violence such as we should ever seek our hearts to be of tender iron in place of flesh, but…for now, quiet your noble despair and be glad,” in her smile was the grief sewn for a thousand thousand corpses she made or mourned upon the sea, “For when Liberty wars, she commands we forsake all our coming dawns, and each its lamb of hope, so others might enjoy our cherished reparations…”

Baba Yaga

January 3, 2024

The swamp witch Baba Yaga

Born by chicken legs,

From children she sought their flesh

And scream and anxious, dying beg

A fence of bones about her hut, 

So seized, I wait in dread.

She stripped from me my teeth and tongue

Then left me as I bled

I write this now to you my love

In earnest I had fled

For I am certain without a doubt

That I will soon be dead


Pale was I upon a shriek, To which my heart was bound

And then I heard

An earthly word, 

Your mortal, crying sound 

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